Why Outside?

I’ve never run on a treadmill.  I guess it’s necessary for some, and would certainly be convenient for me, as I live in the Pacific NW.  Yet…I’ve never done it.  I’m not sorry.  I’m grateful that my friend Leslie introduced me to running outside, and not just outside but on a trail.  I haven’t done much trail running since I’ve lived in WA.  It’s truly sad, but I just have stayed close to home and the shoulders on our roads are quite wide and I feel safe.  Yet, my body and soul are screaming for the woods, the dirt, the trail.  I am going to have to find one SOON.

In the meantime as I’ve been training for my 10K I’ve found a new route.  It reminds me of running in Montreat, NC.  The hills are challenging, the homes are spectacular and the beauty is breathtaking.  The hill work has been good for my body and the challenge good for my mind.  My times aren’t fast, but I know I’m challenging myself.  Some of the things I’ve seen on my new route that certainly couldn’t be seen or experienced from a treadmill are:

  • The USS Nimitz
  • Amazing flowers, plants and trees
  • The Puget Sound
  • Breathtaking sunsets over the water
  • 787s flying overhead…so close it feels like you could touch them if you jumped high enough
  • An island
  • A Naval base
  • Snow capped mountains
  • Children playing
  • The smell of rain
  • Sailboats
  • A lighthouse
  • Evergreen trees that are several stories tall
  • Homes that are worth more zeros than I can count
  • Rainbows

Ok…get the picture?  I love running outside and pray that my body will always allow me to continue this practice.  Now hear me say that if I HAVE to run on a treadmill someday I won’t begrudge it, I’ll just know that to me it isn’t as special as being outside.

Here are two shots of a sunset I captured last summer.  I need to show you some others sometime.

977130_10151626757907445_13661594_o 964174_10151626759262445_1367105675_o


So blessed……….



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A woman on a journey. I'm blessed to be a wife to a gentle, hard-working man and mother to five unique, amazing and very busy children. Learning to live a full life, and dream again. Resting in reality and finding my beautiful.

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