One Size Fits “All”


So the old saying on the tag….one size fits all.  They changed that a few years ago to read…one size fits MOST.  They did that because of the growing (no pun intended) obesity epidemic in America.  Sometimes I think it’s that “one size” mentality that got me into the situation I’m in currently.  I thought that “one size fits all” meant that I deserved the same life as someone else, anyone else, everyone else.  It meant that I could eat what they did, exercise the same amount (or not) as they did, spend as much as they did, etc.  What a damaging mindset that has been for me to have.  I have also felt that it meant that as long as I looked like someone else, had their approval or resembled them that I could “fit in”.

In the past I have cared more for people’s approval than the love and genuine acceptance of my Heavenly Father, God.  I have tried to fit myself into too many other people’s “molds”, much less their lives, their jeans…hehehehe and their situations.  It has played havoc on my ego, my esteem and has destroyed my clear view of my Savior.  I’ve let numbers get in the way.  Numbers related to weight.  Numbers related to G.P.A’s.  Numbers related to bank accounts.  Numbers related to how many children, square footage on a home, the year a car was made, how many times I’ve been on a cruise (which is 0 by the way).  You name it and I’ve tried to fit my life into someone else’s number.

Well I’m being reminded daily because of this journey that literally one size doesn’t fit all.  For instance jeans with a certain number WON’T fit you like another pair from a different company with the same number. Heck, it won’t fit on a different cut of pants from the same company.  If it’s that simple, practical, tangible in a clothing size why can’t I get it through my head that my life isn’t meant to be like anyone else’s?  Why do I still try to be the same number as some one else?  I’m struggling with this in terms of running.  I can’t seem to get any faster.  However, my 12 minute mile is still as FAR as my friends 9 minute mile.  I am simply focusing on the wrong number.

I’m so grateful that I’m learning that I don’t have to be like anyone else.  I don’t have to look like anyone else.  I don’t have to fit into their lives, their dreams, their goals.  I was reminded by a good friend recently that true friends don’t look at the numbers anyway, or the letters on the top of your paper in school, or the degree hanging on your wall or the amount of digits on your paycheck.

My identity isn’t the number on a scale or a tag.  My identity is…..I am the beloved of Christ, HIS glorious inheritance.  I’m sealed with the Holy Spirit.  Here are some reminders that I use when I’m having a day where I struggle with my identity.  May you find it helpful also.

Have a GREAT Friday friends and thanks for reading….



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A woman on a journey. I'm blessed to be a wife to a gentle, hard-working man and mother to five unique, amazing and very busy children. Learning to live a full life, and dream again. Resting in reality and finding my beautiful.

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