Summer Goals

I know summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21st.  However, I want to get a jump on things and make a few goals to carry me through the summer months.  I will be traveling back “home” to NC for several weeks in July and want to make sure I’ve made some reasonable goals/plans so that I don’t get sidetracked.  I’m posting these goals so that I can be held accountable.

Exercise/Fitness Goals:  Although it’s looking like my original goal of “40 by 40” isn’t going to achievable (more on that later) I still want to make as much progress as possible.  So I’m going to carry out a new game plan in hopes to boost my metabolism and shed some pounds and build some muscle.  So here is my new routine….

  • Sunday-REST
  • Monday- Run (minimum of 3 miles) and Workout (strength training)
  • Tuesday- Workout (cardio)
  • Wednesday- Run (min. of 3 miles) and Workout (cardio or strength training)
  • Thursday- Workout (yoga)
  • Friday- Walk and Workout (cardio)
  • Saturday- Run (longer run)

Weight Loss Goals:  This has proven to be MUCH harder than I had anticipated.  I’ve literally been struggling to lose weight for over a year.  My body just doesn’t want to let go of these last 40 pounds.  I’m NOT going to give up though.  Just going to have to adjust some things and I’ll keep you posted on new goals.  In terms of summer weight loss I would like to have lost 10 pounds by Sept. 23, 2014 (the first day of Fall).

Running Goals:  I’ve gone over how I’m going to incorporate running into my weekly fitness plan, but I would like to run a race this summer.  I’m not sure which one yet or where, but it would be good to keep running as training for my half-marathon in October of this year.

Non-Scale Victories:  I will be posting more regularly about my non-scale victories and focusing on the joy in the journey, not just the destination.

“Soul Food” or “Meal Replacements”:  I will continue to work on memorizing the passages of Scripture (a vs./pound) and to nourish my soul with the best food possible as I replace the lies I’ve believed for far too long.

Meal Planning/Food Intake:  I will continue to focus on eating 5-6X/day and to plan my meals and prepare them ahead of time so I’m not caught off guard and set myself up for failure.  I will continue to use My Fitness Pal to track caloric intake and macro nutrient breakdown.

Thanks as always for letting me share.  Why not share some of your goals.  Feel free to comment here or on my FB page.  Have a great weekend and enjoy these last few days of Spring.




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A woman on a journey. I'm blessed to be a wife to a gentle, hard-working man and mother to five unique, amazing and very busy children. Learning to live a full life, and dream again. Resting in reality and finding my beautiful.

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