A Lot Can Happen in 100 Days

So for years I’ve heard about the #100HappyDays challenge.  I’ve never felt compelled to participate until recently.  I started on Monday December 8th.  The significance of this date is that it is 100 days until my 40th birthday.  That’s what this blog is sort of centered around….me turning 40.

Well….my weight has climbed and if you have checked in on the numbers, my goal of 142.8 by 3/19/15 is NOT possible. I’m totally bummed about it and I’m going to write a blog about my “detour”.  However, for this blog I’m going to focus on the remainder of this calendar year and the 100 days that lead up to my birthday.  I’ve been in a very dark place for the last year.  More accurately it’s been a whirlwind of chaos, discouragement,  and fear.  It’s time to change perspective.  It’s time to celebrate gratitude, joy , peace and happiness.  So as a part of this site and my journey toward 40 and beyond I’m going to capture moments of happiness in writing and photography.  I’ll be sharing my moments daily on my personal FB page.  I know it could be confusing that I have a personal FB page, a blog FB page and then this word press site.  If you want to follow my journey of happiness feel free to hop on over to https://www.facebook.com/janelle.flint and check in daily.  I’m going to try to post some of those moments here if they are appropriate for this specific part of my journey.

Yes, a number on a scale still carries a bit of significance to me.  I’ve blogged about how I’m learning to focus more on health than the “numbers”.  So this practice, this journey, this tool of capturing happiness will be a great way to celebrate my 40th birthday regardless of what my weight is on that day.

Today is Day 3 of my #100HappyDays and I’m celebrating a few things.  I’m celebrating water and it’s importance. Total aside but water is essential to health and weight loss.  I’m happy that I’ve learned to drink it and appreciate it.  I’m happy because I have a new book from my friend Molly.  I’m also happy because I’m a work in progress (thus the motivational plaque).



So here’s to 100 days of being intentional in noticing the joy all around me.  I pray that I can notice the BIG love, the BIG grace the BIG joy and beauty that is a part of my world.  Participating in this 100 day challenge is a way to shift my paradigm, to change my perspective and celebrate my life no matter what age I am!!!  Thanks for being a part of my journey and may you find happiness today and always.




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A woman on a journey. I'm blessed to be a wife to a gentle, hard-working man and mother to five unique, amazing and very busy children. Learning to live a full life, and dream again. Resting in reality and finding my beautiful.

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