Detours….Bother or Blessing????

It can be annoying when you are traveling somewhere and your trip is delayed due to a detour.  It’s downright maddening when the detour leads you into a situation where the traffic is at a complete stand still.   How about the detour that actually takes you backwards and out of your way altogether to help you find your destination. Try as you may to look on the bright side it just seems like a distraction, a disappointment to have been taken off the path of your choosing.  Being forced onto a path, a route, a navigational course that you didn’t plan for, consider, prepare for, or think about is like wearing a piece of clothing that just doesn’t quite fit.  It might work but it’s uncomfortable and just not the best choice.

I would consider the last few months of my life to have been a detour.  I’ve been blessed to have lived in two states in the year 2013 and the year 2014.  My last two years have been filled with hello and goodbyes to friends in NC and WA.  I’ve learned, grown, changed and cried.  Laughter, love, faith and tears have been my companions these last months.  I started on a journey, a path a course and it definitely changed.  While thinking I was the navigator and pilot of my journey I was quickly reminded that God has much different plans for my life.   He is navigating the Flints in a much more complex way.

I have a friend that reminds me that the ONLY way to live our lives is by faith and faith means flying by the instruments.  My ultimate destination is Heaven and if I set all of my instruments to that point, and then follow the instruments even through the storms of stress, the fog of fear and the invisibility of indifference I will make it HOME.  Part of my learning curve these last months has been to trust, simply trust that the instruments are set correctly.  I can tell they are set correctly if I am intentionally living my life according to the plans written out in the Word.

There really is so much to write. Perhaps I’ll unpack some of this later, but today I want to focus on how I’ve been thrown a curve ball, a detour in my weight loss journey and how brought2ubythenumber40 is having to shift focus and evolve a bit.  Originally I had hoped to be at my goal weight by 3/19/2015.  The day I woke up and realized I was 40 years old was the day also I could celebrate being exactly half of the woman I was on 10/31/2010.  That goal is dead.  It simply cannot be realized.  My weight has “yo-yo”ed and climbed, much to my dismay to a point that I now have fifty pounds to lose.  Also in terms of my race training, goal setting and Scripture memorization I’ve been delayed. This has been a source of sadness, frustration, pain and anxiety.  It’s been a real bother to me and practically sent me into a tailspin.

However, I’m NOT going to let this discourage me or keep me from keeping on to my goal of health, wholeness and healing.  So I wanted to blog about this change to share with the few that read this, but mainly for me to have in writing so I can be accountable.  By the END of my 40th year….so 3/19/2016 (my 41st bday) I will have achieved goal weight, run a very special race (or two), tried 40 new things, foods, experiences etc. and memorized a Scripture PER pound for my final weight loss.  In the years of 2015-2016 we will learn about, recognize and celebrate special “40 day” periods and perhaps even read 40 new books.   Hopefully I will have met new people, learned many new things, helped some people along the way and fallen more deeply in love with my God, my husband, my family and myself.  Perhaps I will have lost fear and gained trust.  Prayerfully I will have shed inches and put on a new countenance.

Not the path I planned.  Not the time frame intended.  Not the journey I dreamed of……BUT…..

NOT lost

NOT wasted

NOT broken down or discarded

Bring on 40 because this girl is ready for fabulous, fearless and faithful!!!


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A woman on a journey. I'm blessed to be a wife to a gentle, hard-working man and mother to five unique, amazing and very busy children. Learning to live a full life, and dream again. Resting in reality and finding my beautiful.

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