Small Choices Lead to BIG Changes

Yesterday I was reminded again that small decisions lead to BIG changes.

I had a meeting at the middle school about my oldest son, Joseph, and changes to his IEP and FBA.  I had planned to have my middle kids dropped off at the house after school and the youngest were being cared for by my father.  I thought the meeting would take two hours and it went smoothly and was finished in just one hour!!!  What a surprise.  Now what to do with my extra time?  I could call my friend and tell her that I could pick up the kids from school and wouldn’t need her help.  Or I could take advantage of the plans and use this extra time for me.  I went for option B.  Here’s the “Old vs. New”.

The “Old” me would have found a drive-thru of my choice and sat in the van alone, eating some “fun” food even if I wasn’t hungry.  The “Old” me would have stopped by the cupcake shop or the bakery and had something tasty.  The “Old” me would have done that and felt guilty.  Guilty about the food choices/hiding and guilty because I did something, if even wrong, for myself.  The “New” me realizes that people offer to help because they want to do so and that I can accept that.  The “New” me knows that my children are safe and don’t need me to navigate every moment of their life and that they need to accept the natural consequences of their choices.  The “New” me realizes that those kinds of foo (fast-food) aren’t fun but in fact don’t fuel my body or my soul at all.  *Disclaimer* I do eat fast food.  Sometimes it’s a necessary situation I just make as healthy a choice as I can at the time.  I don’t judge people who eat fast food AND I feed it to my kids on occasion.  I also stop by the cupcake shop on a regular basis to chat with the wonderful ladies that own it and I don’t feel badly if I get a cupcake.  I just need to check my motives and be aware of often my van feels the “pull” to stop.

The “New” me won yesterday and I stopped by the lake and went for a brief walk enjoying the chill in the air and the slight breeze.  I had enough time to only walk a mile, but I chose that time for me, my body and soul and felt better because of it.  It helped me navigate the rest of my busy evening and settled my mind after a meeting full of choices and numbers and reports.  The “New” me didn’t just appear yesterday out of thin air.  The “New” me has been a process of choices similar to the one yesterday over the course of four+ years.   Small decisions really do make BIG changes.

I share all of this to say that today you can make a choice.  Don’t worry about how big or small.  Make ONE choice to do the next right thing and it WILL make a BIG difference in the end.  Before you know it you’ll be making right choices without thinking about them and you’ll look back and think to yourself “when did I become this person?” .  There are days I still blow it and I’m sure I’ll be writing about one of those before long, but today I will celebrate the new, the change, the joy in the journey.  Blessings….

Choosing to share….




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A woman on a journey. I'm blessed to be a wife to a gentle, hard-working man and mother to five unique, amazing and very busy children. Learning to live a full life, and dream again. Resting in reality and finding my beautiful.

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