Because I Can

Yesterday I went for a walk around the local lake (Lake Tomahawk).  Not because I needed to log miles for race training.  Not because I wanted to burn extra calories or because I was afraid of weekly weigh-in.  I went for a walk because it was a beautiful sunny day and I had some extra time before meeting some friends for lunch.

In fact I lost track of time and was ten minutes late to our meeting.  All was forgiven and I didn’t feel guilty.  It was empowering to simply…  To move my body because I wanted to AND I was able to do so.  To want to be in the sunshine and not hiding in the house making excuses about laundry and errands.

While walking there was young boy, no older than two, squatting in perfect form dragging a stick through the gravely dirt.  He was so excited to watch the path that he was creating and kept looking up at the sunshine.  Then his gaze would switch to the lake and the ducks swimming.  Next he would smile at his mother who was watching him with a loving smile on her lips.  As I walked past them I said something to the mom about that all of life was an adventure at that age and she replied something about the reminder of the gift of life.  I thought about that interaction for the remainder of my walk.  I too begin to look up at the beautiful sky, watch the momma duck and her four babies waddling along beside me on the path, notice the people and took it all into my senses.

I’m grateful for the experience.  I’m mindful of the reminder to move…not because I have to, but because I CAN.  I’m keenly aware of the gift of sunshine, movement, free time to just be alone and in silence.  This is what I am thinking of on this #ThoughtfulThursday.



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A woman on a journey. I'm blessed to be a wife to a gentle, hard-working man and mother to five unique, amazing and very busy children. Learning to live a full life, and dream again. Resting in reality and finding my beautiful.

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