Say What?

THIS! Ladies and gentleman…God has lead me to this place for such a time as this. Revelation Wellness has been transformational in my life. I am starting training in August. Get on board…I can’t wait for retreat in November and to see what God has in store for me, my family, my community. It’s TIME!!! #Iamgonnabeafitnessteachergospelpreacher, #freedomstartswiththisFlint, #finallyfree, #loveisalwaysgreaterthanfear, #freelikeaFlint


Big Dreams

This journey all started with a dream.  A dream that one day I would be living life differently free from guilt and shame that surrounded food.  A dream that my days would simply be filled with sustenance and fuel, not trauma and drama with preparing and eating food.  There was a dream to feel comfortable in my skin and learn to like ME.  These dreams are all coming to pass.

Along the way there has been other dreams.  Lose 50 pounds…CHECK.  Run a 5K…CHECK. Break the “200” mark and find my way back to ONEderland…CHECK. Run a 10K….CHECK.  Run a half marathon….CHECK. Lose 100 pounds…CHECK. Maintain my weight loss for two years…CHECK.  Help others…CHECK!!!  This is so humbling to me that God would allow any of these things to happen and yet He has.  I’ve learned so much as He has carried me and I know He holds me while I journey the rest of the way.

This journey started being about me, but changed very quickly.  As I opened myself to accountability and allowed others to share this part of my life it became something so much larger than me.  I remember inviting a friend to workout with me to prepare for her wedding.  She came to class…and years later she has accomplished more than anyone hoped or dreamed.  She made goal weight, has a beautiful child and now teaches fitness classes.  I’m so proud of my friend Mandy Dunham.  I’ve run alongside people in their very first race. Countless people I’ve invited to their first group fitness class. Training alongside people for their next race has been a privilege.  Listening to others share of their hurts, habits and hangups has been an honor.  God has somehow used my meager words as an encouragement and I’m forever grateful.  The work has been by me but not FOR me.  More accurately the work has been done IN me.  It’s been a miracle, truly.

I have more dreams, big, God-sized dreams that burn within me like holy heartburn.  Oh how I want to share them, but they aren’t mine to do so…YET.  I want to know that these dreams will build and bless and change others lives, and are not just self-serving wishes.  I will share in time but for now here are a few that I CAN share…

  • 40 full push-ups
  • One unassisted pull-up
  • Run a 5K with Jesse and JoyAnn
  • Walk a 5K with Joseph
  • Run a half marathon in the Fall of 2015
  • Run a full marathon before March 31, 2016
  • Get to goal weight (MY goal 142.8) by March 31, 2016
  • Participate in the Pump and Run in the Sourwood 5K this summer

Maybe you have a goal, a dream, something that burns within you.  You want to share???  I’m here to listen and cheer you on, because I KNOW change is possible. If not me…share with someone you trust.  Speaking dreams into reality happens moment by moment.  I want to challenge you that maybe, just maybe this dream is bigger than you for a purpose.  Toby Mac sings a song entitled “Beyond Me” that speaks to just this thing.  Enjoy…soak it up and DREAM AWAY!!!