Because I Can

Yesterday I went for a walk around the local lake (Lake Tomahawk).  Not because I needed to log miles for race training.  Not because I wanted to burn extra calories or because I was afraid of weekly weigh-in.  I went for a walk because it was a beautiful sunny day and I had some extra time before meeting some friends for lunch.

In fact I lost track of time and was ten minutes late to our meeting.  All was forgiven and I didn’t feel guilty.  It was empowering to simply…  To move my body because I wanted to AND I was able to do so.  To want to be in the sunshine and not hiding in the house making excuses about laundry and errands.

While walking there was young boy, no older than two, squatting in perfect form dragging a stick through the gravely dirt.  He was so excited to watch the path that he was creating and kept looking up at the sunshine.  Then his gaze would switch to the lake and the ducks swimming.  Next he would smile at his mother who was watching him with a loving smile on her lips.  As I walked past them I said something to the mom about that all of life was an adventure at that age and she replied something about the reminder of the gift of life.  I thought about that interaction for the remainder of my walk.  I too begin to look up at the beautiful sky, watch the momma duck and her four babies waddling along beside me on the path, notice the people and took it all into my senses.

I’m grateful for the experience.  I’m mindful of the reminder to move…not because I have to, but because I CAN.  I’m keenly aware of the gift of sunshine, movement, free time to just be alone and in silence.  This is what I am thinking of on this #ThoughtfulThursday.



Forward Motion

It has been months since I’ve written anything new.  I could start this post with the obligatory apologies, but I’m not going to do that.  This is my journey and it’s been full of lots of obstacles in the last months/year.  Besides that is what this post is all about…forward motion.  I’m not focusing on the past.  I’m picking up and continuing to move towards my goals and dreams.  Forward motion for this chick!!!  My new Friday focus is going to be #ForwardMotionFridays.  I will focus on ways that I am moving forward in my life, my faith, my weight loss and fitness goals.  I will provide a chance for people to share ways that they are working towards becoming more well-rounded, full, satisfied, forward moving person.

Today on my FB page I mentioned that I am training to run in a half marathon in Cherokee on October 1st.  I was scheduled to run the Cherokee Harvest Half Marathon last October but it was canceled due to inclement weather.  I was unable to run the rescheduled date.  Talk about a let down.  Sheesh….training for half a year for a race that I didn’t get to run was disappointing.  The entire weekend was a bust.  We rented a cabin that actually was unlivable due to blue mold.  We only got a partial refund.  We drove hours in the rain before realizing the race was canceled.  We only received a partial refund on a train ride we had scheduled.  The entire family was disappointed and even the dog barfed in the van.  Ha!!!  What a memory.  This was one of many emotional disappointments I faced in 2015.  I did not accomplish my weight loss goal (40 down by 40…or even 41).  So my 41st birthday has come and gone and I’m actually up in weight.  I am at 191 as I type this entry.  This girl could give up, give in and collapse into fear, doubt and stress.  That was my old way of coping.  I even debated on deleting this blog, canceling my FB page and just throwing in the towel.  After some thought and prayer I decided no….this was started as a way to chronicle my journey for me and to leave a legacy for my children.  If even one other person read these meanderings….that’s a gift, but not expected.  So…it’s still brought2ubythenumber40.  I will be in my 40s for a few more years.  The significant time period of 40 is still important, and I can accomplish the other goals related to this dream.  My ultimate goal of health, wholeness and holiness will never change.  I do believe that I can see 142.8 on the scales.  I just need to reassess the way that I get to that point and extend grace to myself in the process.

So I am currently still drinking Shakeology regularly, counting calories using the MyFitnessPal program/application, and using exercise videos at home (Cize, 21 Day Fix, Kettleworx, and Beachbody on Demand).  I am using a new bodyweight only exercise app on my iPad and  phone called Runtastic Results and the 7 Minute workout application. I use a Runtastic walk/run training schedule for my half marathon training.   I am contemplating the next round of the Whole Life Challenge which begins in May, a Daniel Fast and repeating a round of 21 Day Fix.  I am prayerfully considering the right path and asking for wisdom to find a course to help me back on track and to finish this race well.  I am looking for a new doc and hope to get a physical done.  It’s been a few years since I’ve had one done.  So many things swirling around in my brain, but I know I am capable of making the right decision.

So discouragement is a real part of life.  It has been a big part of my adult life and I used to succumb to discouragement. I would delude myself into thinking I was handling my emotions by overeating, not getting enough sleep, talking to everyone about my problems, crying a LOT and even allowing myself to feel bitter and jealous towards those I thought were always succeeding.  It was and is an unrealistic thing to think that everyone succeeds all the time and that life is easy for people.  Everyone has stuff.  Everyone hurts.  Everyone faces disappointment daily.  My life isn’t any easier or harder than others.  However, it’s my life and it’s time to start moving forward again.  The founder of Mary Kay cosmetics (Mary Kay Ash) once shared that….falling forward

Isn’t that great?  So this falling and failing forward has a purpose.  It’s not just an accidental happening or a shortcoming in my character.  It is what is actually aiding my growth.

Forget the to-do lists that never got finished.  Forget the numbers.  Forget the goals that weren’t achieved.  Forget the plans that didn’t manifest.  Forget the haters.  Forget the doubters.  Forget the shoulda, coulda, wouldas.  Today I’m focusing on forgiveness and gratitude and falling forward (forward motion) into my new, my good, my next leg of this journey.  Success looks differently than it used to and it certainly looks different on me than it does others, but it’s a personal thing.

Today…I’m moving forward into health, wholeness, success, healing, holiness, joy and peace.  You can come along if you wish…..

Yours Always~






My Biggest Fan

I’ve been blessed with lots of support during this season in my life.  My weight loss journey has been full of ups and downs and many people have encouraged me to keep on keeping on and I’m grateful for each one of them.  Some of these fellow pilgrims and/or encouragers have been….

  •  Leslie Raper- My first trainer and running partner.  She started me on this path and I will forever be grateful.
  • My kids-  They have sacrificed many hours with me while I workout, go for walks/runs, shop at the grocery store, take naps etc.  These are all important parts of this season.  I’ll never forget the look of pride and joy on their faces when I crossed the finish line at my first race.  It was 18 degrees and I know they were so cold, but they held signs and cheered for me.
  • My Celebrate Recovery group-  A small group of ladies that held me accountable and listened to me share openly, honestly, vulnerably and prayed for me and with me.  They asked about my weight loss.  They offered to help in anyway and really held my feet to the fire.
  • Sue Davey- I doubt she will ever read this, but she was my first workout partner.  She was an encouragement, an example of strength and a positive peer influence/challenge.  Oh and she makes amazing cookies 🙂
  • Small group fitness class- These ladies and gentlemen have pushed me beyond the point I thought possible.  We lifted together, stretched together, run together, laughed together, and sweated together.  I will be eternally grateful for the motivation that this group provided.
  • Family- My parents and brothers/sister-in-laws have been a great support also.  Even if they haven’t said anything I know they’ve been praying for me.

However, the BIGGEST fan of my life BY FAR is my husband.  Nathan has loved me fearlessly, boldly and completely for 19 years.  We celebrated an anniversary earlier in the week (Tuesday).  He loved me at 210 (when we married), 285.6 (my heaviest) and at whatever weight I am now (I’m avoiding the scales for a bit).  Nathan has loved me during a time of depression and addiction.  He’s loved me, while praying for me until a point of restoration.  Nathan has sacrificed the most.  He works diligently to pay for my work out expenses (classes, gear, clothing), all of my run registration fees, gas to and from all of these events, clean/organic foods (as much as possible) and even therapy/doctors appointments and lab work.  Through tears, fears, guilt, shame, joy, surprising accomplishment…he has been there.   There was even a point in our life where we attended WW together (a very short time).  Every obstacle, every challenge, every disappointment he has walked me through and constantly and consistently brings me back to Jesus.  Covering me in prayer, reading the Word to me, fostering a safe environment, leading me to a faith family, setting an example of godliness are all things Nathan has done.  Many conversations have left me feeling closer to God, and full of a hope to keep on keeping on in life and in weight loss.  Marriage has been difficult.  It’s been challenging, depleting and overwhelming.  It also has been uplifting, fun, an amazing experience and the basis for creating a fabulous, mostly functional family (hehehehehehe).

There really aren’t enough words to describe my love for Nathan.  I pray for each one of you that reads these words that you have someone in your life that loves you well, as does my beloved.  I’m proud of the marriage we’ve cultivated and am looking forward to many more years together.  Everyone deserves a fan.  If you don’t have a “biggest fan” hang out here.  I’ll root you on, and I can introduce to you people that will encourage you.  I also would love to tell you about a friend that sticks closer than a brother.  His name is Jesus.  As I end this post I’m going to share 19 things about Nathan that I love and I’m going to tell you a home workout that I did on Tuesday to celebrate 19 years (with one to grow on).

  1. His patience and rock-steady nature- He calms me when I am on the edge of the cliff and talks me down…EVERY time.
  2. His laugh-  When he truly laughs there isn’t anything like it.  It’s just so contagious and delightful.
  3. His work ethic-  Nathan absolutely will not allow our family to suffer in any way, if he can prevent it.  He has always provided for us to the best of his ability and is willing to take side jobs as needed.  Knowing that I am safe financially, physically and emotionally is something I never take for granted.
  4. His voice- I’m totally biased, but this man can SING!!! When he worships in song, it wrecks me, without fail.  I am honored to be his back ground vocalist/accompanist.
  5. His hunger to know God in a deeper way-  Nathan loves to read and study God’s Word.  Our discussions and studies that we have completed together are highlights of our marriage.
  6. His ability to do almost everything-  Sheesh, this man cooks better than I do, he irons better than I do, he sews better than I do.  He cleans the house for me, he grocery shops as needed, he is a mechanic, a builder, a teacher, a musician….really whatever he puts his mind to, he can accomplish.
  7. The way he loves our children- He is an amazing father.  Patient, kind, and willing to listen are traits that describe his parenting style.
  8. His honesty/vulnerability- Nathan shares openly with those he trusts.  He has shared in our LIFE groups and in Celebrate Recovery.  God has used His story through Nathan to change and transform lives.  He (Nathan) has overcome abuse, hurt and addiction and doesn’t mind talking about it.  This inspires me. Nathan has been through a lot. He has a past that would make most shy away from love, but he through Jesus is overcoming this. He has been COMPLETELY and TOTALLY honest with me about who he is, what he’s done, what has been done to him, how he handled it…etc. I know every hurt, habit and hang-up and love him even more deeply and tenderly because of it.
  9. His choices- I love that he chose me. He could have done a lot better for a wife, but he chose me and I will be FOREVER grateful. 
  10. His ability to dream- Some day we’ll own a timber frame house that Nathan built. Someday we’ll go on a cruise. Someday Nathan will sing with a Christian group. Someday we’ll be out of debt. Someday Nathan will own a business. Someday he’ll go back to school for a degree in counseling. Someday…He dreams and he shares those dreams. We don’t live in the future, we don’t dwell on it…we just keep each other encouraged by dreaming. I’m glad Nathan does this.
  11. His physical attributes- What woman doesn’t think her man is the most handsome ever? Yes I know Nathan is overweight. Yes I know he’s not a GQ cover model. It’s ok. I love him just the way he is. Would I like him to change? Yes, but I’m sure he would like me to change too. Nathan has gorgeous eyes, a sweet smile, good hair, strong hands…I could go on and on but I won’t. I think he’s the most handsome man I’ve ever seen and it still makes my heart skip a beat to see him walk in a room. 
  12. His ability to let go of things- As passionate as Nathan can be and obsessive at times he also has the ability to disconnect. This is something I don’t have the ability to do. I hold onto everything (literally and emotionally). I am a pack rat (genetic predisposition). My mother is a hoarder. My Nannie was a hoarder. I am fighting this DAILY. Nathan doesn’t like cards. Don’t get me wrong when I get him a card he reads it, says thank you and then throws it promptly in the trash. This used to PEEVE ME OFF. Now I understand we don’t have the room or need to save these things. Nathan knows I love him. He doesn’t need piles of paper to prove it. Why do I??? Still wondering this!!! Anyway…he also can disconnect emotionally. He forgives people when they hurt him. He doesn’t stew over it or hold onto emotional baggage for YEARS like I do. I LOVE this quality he has, and am praying that I can learn it someday.
  13.  His Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Depression- WOW! What an odd thing to type. Once again a hard one, but a gift nonetheless. His OCD has drawn us closer. Most people divorce these days. Many of our friends are divorced or going through a divorce. Yet we just celebrated 19 years and are happier now than ever. Why??? Well one of the reasons is because we have been in counseling together for many years. Because Nathan finally sought help for his chemical imbalance and other issues we got some stuff out in the open. Counseling kept us together. Please don’t get me wrong. Sitting there in front of Len Cruz for years wasn’t easy. Hearing things I didn’t want to hear. Saying things I really didn’t want to say. Crying tears I wish weren’t shed. ALL WORTH IT!!! I know Nathan. I love Nathan. I accept Nathan. There are many up-sides to OCD. 
  14. His kiss- once again something that I don’t take for granted these days. Life is hard right now. It’s busy and complicated and difficult some days. Yes there are days that go by that I don’t kiss my husband. This doesn’t make him a bad man. It just is the way it is right now. So, when Nathan is present with me enough and emotionally available enough to kiss me unprompted it makes my world spin. I like all kinds of kisses. Any time that man puckers up I ENJOY IT!!!
  15. His smile- I appreciate this more and more every day. There was a long time I didn’t see him smile. He struggled with 18 months of life changing depression. That smile I missed is back and I am grateful to God. Granted I don’t see it everyday, but when I do it ROCKS MY WORLD!!!
  16. His love-Nathan is NOT a romantic, in fact he sucks at it. How can I love that? Well it’s taken MANY years to get through this. I’ll admit that nothing would make me smile more than to be whisked away on a spontaneous, romantic outing or to receive flowers JUST BECAUSE or to have love notes waiting for me on my pillow. BUT…that’s NOT Nathan. He loves me by working EVERY DAY in a job that he struggles with. He loves me by fighting consistent and debilitating depression and remaining with us. He loves me by mowing the grass and cooking breakfast almost every Saturday. He loves me by keeping our cars running smoothly. He loves me by playing with our children. He loves me by bringing me coffee on Sunday mornings. He loves me by not expecting our house to be perfectly clean. Get the idea??? He loves me uniquely and completely…just in different ways than the norm.
  17. His heart-Nathan LOVES the Lord. He has such a soft heart. His relationship with His Savior is sweet and tender. He loves Jesus more than he loves me and this makes me smile.
  18. His desire to see others succeed- I have watched Nathan sacrifice his own best interest to empower, encourage and inspire others.  He has put others ahead of himself in the work place, the church, his family and life in general.  He is blessed by blessing others.
  19. His desire for the simple- Nathan is not high maintenance in any way.  He doesn’t need a HUGE t.v. that he spends hours in front of watching sports.  He doesn’t require fancy clothes, lots of shoes.  He has tools that he uses for work, and someday he wants to own a classic car, but really he is a simple man.  He wants an unpretentious life and wants to live within our means with money left over to share with others and bless them as the Lord leads.  I want to make a sanctuary for him and make a home that brings comfort and peace to all who enter.

Here’s my “Anniversary” workout.  I didn’t do these consecutively because I didn’t have the time, but it was good to move/lift regardless.

20 reps (19 years with one to “grown on”)

  • Dead lifts (with 20 pounds)
  • Hammer curls (10 pounds/arm)
  • Standard curls (10 pounds/arm)
  • Arnold presses (10 pounds/arm- 10 reps alternating arm, 10 simultaneously)
  • Standard presses (10 pounds/arm- 10 reps alternating arm, 10 simultaneously)
  • Plank for 20 sec. ( 19 times throughout the day)
  • Run stairs (20 times throughout the day)
  • 20 push-ups (bent knee)
  • 20 wall push-ups with hand release
  • 20 hand-release push-ups
  • 20 tricep push-ups (diamond push-ups)
  • 20 full sit-ups

Just a fun way to think about my man throughout the day, sneak in a little movement in between laundry and home schooling and to pray for Nathan and our marriage during each move.

Taking the Time to be Grateful

Today the sun peeked out for a few hours this evening and I was reminded once again of the joy and peace that is felt when you are truly grateful for a moment.  If you have spent any time on this blog you know that I struggle often with feelings of discouragement, anxiety and depression.  However, I am practicing the art of gratitude and have been so challenged since reading “One Thousand Gifts” (that’s for another post) to really be aware of the GOoD all around me.  See what I did there??? 🙂 I am thankful for so, so much.  Praise be to God that He captured my heart AND my stomach and that now I can live a life, a I Thes. 5:18 life, of continual gratitude.   Here’s a gratitude per pound (as of today).

My Gratitude List:

  1. A relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  My life is different because the Holy Spirit drew me to Him and I have given my life to God through Christ.
  2. A loving husband, Nathan, of 19 years (this month).  Marriage hasn’t been easy, but it is OH so worth it.
  3. Five amazing, unique, fun, challenging and inspiring children.
  4. Four boys that are rough, tumble, and someday WILL eat me out of house and home.
  5. A precocious tomboy named JoyAnn who is at the brink of young womanhood.  One day she wants to wear her favorite football jersey, the next, her dresses and cowgirl boots.  I love that girlie!
  6. Living in America.  As screwed up as our country is, it is in many ways SO wonderful.
  7. A faith family at Restoration Church Mukilteo.  Although things in our body are not easy, and look and feel differently than I had expected, I’m still glad to be a part of this assembly.  I’m praying BIG changes, big things, deeper love, compassion and faith for my RCM family.
  8. The experience of being introduced to inductive Bible study and having the opportunity to become a Precept Ministries trained leader.  I am falling in love with the Word of God afresh and anew on a daily basis.
  9. The gift of a humbling journey to empty myself of pride and anger and do the work to lose 105 (ish) pounds.  Although I am embarrassed to have allowed myself to become so morbidly obese, I am so glad to have been given the chance to live again!!!
  10. Good hair and good teeth.  I’m 39 and have never had a cavity.  I’m also blessed with thick hair. Just ask Nathan (since he has to clean the drains).
  11. Having grown up in a military family.  By being exposed to diversity, multiculturalism and very good academic opportunities, I feel more rounded than some of my friends.
  12. A college degree (even though I really didn’t want to finish).  I’m so glad I had the chance.
  13. A sense of humor.  Although I have learned the hard way quite often about my sarcasm and its hurtful tendencies, my dry wit has come in handy over the years.
  14. Good skin.  My complexion usually doesn’t give me any trouble.
  15. The gift of growing up in a home with TWO parents.  So many people I know come from broken homes.  I love and appreciate my Dad and Mom.
  16. Qualified, patient and loving therapists who have worked with my son Joseph, who is on the autism spectrum.  Machelle, Bernie, Darren, Karen, Martha,  Mindy and Michael have all played a role in Joseph’s improvements over the last years.
  17. Peanut Butter
  18. Movie theater popcorn with extra butter
  19. Learning to move more and eat less.  So grateful to have learned to jog and really enjoy it.
  20. Music that stirs my soul and causes me to weep with joy, pain, contemplation, desire, etc.
  21. Thick milkshakes that leave a mustache after you drink them.
  22. A wonderful woman named Nell Williams, my Nannie, that loved me gently and completely for 33 years of my life.
  23. Pizza.  Even bad pizza is still good pizza.
  24. Chiropractic adjustments.
  25. A warm cup of coffee with half and half.
  26. Laughing until your sides hurt.
  27. Watching my children sleep and learning to trust that they are safe in the care of their Creator.
  28. Celebrate Recovery.  The ministry of God’s Word, the 8 principles and the 12 steps has reconciled my marriage, changed my heart and allowed me to say for the first time in my life (at the age of 33) “I like myself”.
  29. Duct tape
  30. The feeling of slipping on a pair of jeans in a smaller size and being able to pull them up, and zip them comfortably.
  31. Picnics
  32. The variety of colors God created.  Especially when visible in the covenant rainbow.  Double rainbows are the BEST!!
  33. Warm bubble baths
  34. Feeling the sand between your toes during a walk on the beach.
  35. Having the ability to read, study and memorize the Word of God.
  36. Snow
  37. The majesty of sunrises and sunsets.  The creativity, beauty and unique splendor of each new day.
  38. Books.  Reading is such fun and a gift to be able to obtain knowledge in that way.
  39. Friendship
  40. Christmas music.  I could listen to it everyday, all year-long!
  41. Date night!  I’m so blessed that my husband still makes time to be with me and counts it joy.  I love our moments together, if even brief.
  42. The opportunity to have helped lead/facilitate worship for the women’s Bible study at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove for 9 years!!!
  43. Having had the chance to live on the East Coast and to live in the West.  I’ve seen lots of the country and have loved the unique qualities of each climate.
  44. The absolute gift of being a part of Elah Moriah Massey and her brother Asher Emmaus Massey’s births.  Totally different experience than giving birth.  I LOVED it!
  45. The ability to type.
  46. Clean water to drink, cook, bathe, prepare food.
  47. The knowledge and talent to read music, create music and appreciate music!!!
  48. Flannel sheets
  49. Live Christmas trees
  50. The chance to start all over again.  No matter what the situation.
  51. Nathan’s homemade apple pie.
  52. The crispness of the air in Fall and the splendid color of the leaves in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
  53. Warm summer evenings filled with nostalgia.
  54. Pictures that help to restore, relive and revive memories.
  55. Lifting heavy weights and putting them down….a LOT, and in repeated succession.  😉
  56. A mother and father-in-law that genuinely love and respect me.  They pray for me and help me in ANY way possible.  Oh how fortunate and blessed I am.
  57. Smoothies
  58. The BRIEF moment when your house is clean.  Granted when the children wake up or return from their outing that will change.  Yet, there is that moment when all is well.  😉
  59. Big breakfasts.  Biscuits, gravy, eggs, fruit, bacon and/or sausage. Maybe hash browns, cheese grits, and cinnamon rolls or other pastries.  Coffee, milk and juice top it all off with a glazed over smile.
  60. Butter.  Real butter.  Not this margarine crap.
  61. Men of God that have taught me and brought me into the TRUTH over the course of my life.  Praise God for pastors, teachers and counselors.
  62. Unexpected blessings
  63. Learning from my mistakes and the gift of trying to help my children not make the same ones.
  64. Singing/playing at countless weddings and funerals and being a part of such sacred moments.
  65. The fact that my husband can SING!!!  His voice still moves me, after all of these years.
  66. The gift of home educating, although incredibly trying at times.
  67. Blogging and journaling.
  68. Good food accompanied by fabulous company, preferably topped off with great music.  That’s my idea of an evening well spent!
  69. Fresh strawberry, spinach salad with stinky cheese and a poppy-seed dressing.
  70. Ginger ale and Saltine crackers during/after a stomach yuck.
  71. The feeling of having your teeth cleaned by the dentist.
  72. Having the privilege of a nice uninterrupted day at the hair salon.  A wash, cut, set/style and wax does a girl’s heart good.
  73. Receiving/partaking in communion with fellow believers.
  74. The joy of encouraging another.
  75. Giving AND receiving love.
  76. That moment where you feel brave enough to do something that you’ve never done before.
  77. Sleeping outside (I’ve done this exactly once.  Sad I know).
  78. Sharing life with a small group of people who love you, encourage you and hold you accountable.  Conversations that challenge, inspire and lead you back to the cross are a true treasure.
  79. Having had the chance to worship in a variety of settings/denominations.
  80. Kisses.  Long, short, passionate, flirty, gentle.  Kisses.  All kinds 😉
  81. The internet
  82. Raw cookie dough.  Oh and baked cookies too I guess!!!
  83. A good back scratch.
  84. Obsessive list making 😉
  85. The fact that my children have a GREAT relationship with BOTH sets of grandparents!
  86. Three brothers.  All different.  All wonderful!
  87. Cheesecake.  Red Velvet cake.  Pumpkin pie.
  88. People that are gifted in different areas.  For instance my trainer, Leslie Raper, who knew exactly how to inspire, challenge, encourage me to enter the race to life, health, wholeness and healing.  I’m 100+ pounds lighter today because of her care/concern/knowledge.
  89. Prayer!!!!
  90. When someone sends you flowers or surprises you by bringing them over to your house.
  91. Late night phone conversations that last into the wee hours of the morning.
  92. Krispy Kreme donut runs at crazy hours of the night.
  93. Learning to “accept hardship as a pathway to peace”.
  94. The smell of soup or chili simmering on the stove or in the Crockpot.  Knowing that you are going to top it with cheese, pair it with Fritos, crackers, bread and feel full, happy and blessed!!!
  95. Smiling
  96. Knowing that there is a difference between “first” love and “lasting” love!!!
  97. Crossword puzzles, word searches and other brain testing fun activities
  98. Hugs!!!
  99. Good movies.  Good books.  Good music. Good art.  Good poetry.  I LOVE the fine arts and am grateful for each genre.
  100. Grilled cheese sandwiches with high quality bread and cheese selections.  These are especially fabulous paired with tomato basil soup!
  101. Looking “girly”, feeling “girly” and being noticed by your husband for being HIS “girly”!!!!
  102. Social media and the chance to meet new people and connect with friends from the past.
  103. A sound mind
  104. A firm, foam roller after a good, hard jog/run.

Thank YOU for taking the time to read my list.  Have a great day tomorrow and keep practicing gratitude!!!